Another translation of Solas is “spiritual illumination”, which is fitting, because we believe that’s the true benefit of purposeful travel. The way we design your vacations has its additional benefits for you too. Here are a few:


What we strive to provide is the luxury of your wants and needs being anticipated, seen and experienced, on a trip designed to do exactly that.


Our multifaceted approach to our clients’ experiences allows for a different type of luxury travel that goes far beyond VIP treatment and amenities. As the Brownell Advantage is one of the bedrocks of our planning process, those are a given.


We believe luxury and conscious travel are not mutually exclusive. One way we ensure this is with our own company contributions. For client journeys in 2023 and 2024, Solas Travels will donate 1% of revenue generated to the Bee Girl Organization (BGO).  This grassroots nonprofit is centered on bee habitat conservation.  Through their research projects and education programs they are regenerating soil, bees, & communities. 



We work on the backend with all the researching, planning and designing. At all times we are curating and filtering the options to ensure details are tailored to your desires. Our passion for the details ultimately saves you time and money.


In a time of constant change in the world, knowing your investment in travel and experience is carefully crafted from start to finish is priceless. We are here to ensure our clients are well taken care of and their itineraries, documents, payments and insurance are meticulously handled.



Our connections with international hotels and properties, air travel providers, drivers, cruise lines, tour companies, and restaurants (just to name a few) are the kind that can’t be found by simply searching online. Being an independent advisor with Brownell, within the Virtuoso network, affords our clients unparalleled VIP treatment and added amenities throughout their travels.


We have crafted a planning process that is rooted in trust. We listen carefully and ask the important questions so that you can focus on the options that are designed for you. The trust we build ensures that your time is spent experiencing your adventure, instead of planning it.




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"Traveling can be stressful but she manages all of the accommodations with grace."

"This year has been busy in Europe so it’s almost impossible but not for her. She’s detailed, organized and it seems effortless to her."