I already planned half my trip before I realized I needed your expertise! Can you still help?

Frequently Asked Questions

In many (though not all) circumstances, we can help. It’s best to start with a consultation call with us first so we can get a very clear picture of your trip and how we can provide the most value to your experience. All of our planned itineraries are extensively designed and custom-curated to ensure our clients’ highest satisfaction, which is challenging to achieve if we haven’t advised you since day one.

I don’t think my trip is complicated and can book it all myself online. Why should I work with an advisor?

Working with a Brownell independent advisor (that is us!) gives you access to our relationships and connections all over the world that aren’t found via an online search. Due to the long-standing relationships we hold, our clients are accustomed to experiencing benefits like upgrades upon check-in at a partner hotel or other "surprise & delight" services sprinkled throughout their excursion. We provide swift management of issues if things go astray during your travels and clear advice on which rooms to book (or stay away from) and/or what adventure to take based on our extensive understanding of your needs. It’s the highest level of professional care and attention to detail available, and ensures you can sit back and enjoy the trip of a lifetime designed solely for you.

I only want to book a hotel stay. Is this something you can help me with?

We love weekend getaways, and if the property is a Virtuoso-affiliated location we can manage your booking with absolute ease. You can get in touch with us here!

I would like to plan a last minute trip for my family during the winter holiday season. What is your policy for travel during this time of year?

Due to the popularity of travel between December 20-January 3- which can result in minimal availability at hotels, properties, airlines and restaurants - Solas Travels does charge an additional holiday travel fee for our services. We are thrilled to help our clients experience all the world has to offer this time of year, and want to ensure they are aware of the added costs.

What do your service fees cover?

Each client trip is fully customized and so are our fees. Once we have had a consultation call, we will deliver a personalized quote for your review. Our professional fees acknowledge our expertise and the time dedicated to designing your trip which includes:
• Coordinate & trip design with worldwide partners (an expansive list that includes hoteliers/ properties, local guides, coveted restaurants, spa managers and vetted transportation providers, just to share a few examples)
• Create bespoke custom itineraries fine tuned-to perfection
• Provide assistance throughout the journey if anything goes astray

How do I know if we are a good fit for each other?

We are in the business of creating lifelong memories, and deeply care about the relationships forged between ourselves and our clients. Ensuring we’re the best fit for one another is essential, and we compliment clients that are one or more of the following:

• ON THE GO | Busy professionals who value the heavy lifting an experienced travel advisor provides
• RELATIONSHIP SEEKERS | Frequent travelers who need a trusted advisor to plan and manage their journeys
• CONSCIENCE ADVENTURERS | Those who embrace the fresh ideas, new environments and are interested in experiences that include local cultural immersion 
• COMMUNICATORS | Travelers willing to connect via email and a few calls here and there to ensure their trip is perfectly dialed in

Can you help me with obtaining insurance for my trip?

We cannot recommend travel insurance enough to our clients to better safeguard their investment. We can touch on the different options with you and we are fortunate to have the Brownell Insurance Desk as an immediate resource for our clients to ensure they get the right coverage at the right time for their travels.

Our family prefers private villas or homes. Do you only work with Hotel or Resort

We work with private properties around the world.  While we do not work with AirBNB or VRBO, we have numerous "off the internet" (meaning, you won't find via search engine) options that deliver the highest quality luxury experiences that will truly transform your trip.


I can't recommend Lauren enough. She understood the assignment (like the kids say these days). She listened to our needs and wants and made sure they happened. The attentiveness of the team on the ground was impeccable. In the end, I was very impressed and admittedly, it does take a lot for me to be impressed.

"Solas Travel has been top notch and delivered a 5 Star experience from Day 1!"

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